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8/4/2020-DK Lineup

DK linup

Highlights and Notes

We had a strong performance yesterday with a few pregame swaps. Let’s keep this momentum going.

Corbin – He had a massive DFS performance in his first start and we hope to continues that again today. The most expensive player on the roster and for good reason.

Lynn – With two monster performances so far this season we hope he makes that three.

Tromp – The first of our scrubs part of this lineup, however he’s been very impressive in his last two starts with over 12 DFS point starts. I’ll take 12 points any day from a $3,300 starter.


Cronenworth – At $2,600 it doesn’t get much cheaper than this guy. A streak of illness has this guy in the lineup here is to hoping he can squeak out at least 5 points today.

Owings – Since coming back from injury he has been on a tear.

Rios – $2,900 is super cheap and we need all the help we can get. The numbers have been all over the place but here is to hoping for a good day at the ballpark.


Story– One of the most expensive guys on the roster he’s worth every penny. His DFS points easily compensate for his price tag.

Yastrzemski – An absolute machine great pickup for a stars/scrubs lineup.

Hernandez – 3/4 for starts have provided double digit DFS totals. For $3,900 what’s not to love.

Heineman – 14 DFS points the last two starts if he even has half that its well worth it for $2,200.





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